Organic Environmental Technology

Welcome to Organic Environmental Technology

Whether you have a Superfund Site in Pennsylvania, a Golf Course in Pensacola, a Farm in Iowa City or a Home in Los Angeles we have a green solution that is effective, affordable and chemical-free!

The same life force that created our atmosphere billions of years ago has been discovered to be supremely effective in cleaning up many toxic environments.

It's time to take responsibility for our backyards and our environment.

Wherever you work, whatever industry you are in, wherever you live - the products you use impact the water you drink, the food you eat and the air you breathe.

There has been many efforts by industry in response to governmental regulations. Yet every second of every day pollutants continue to go down our drains, sewers and waterways and end up in the oceans. The oceans of the world have become so polluted that there are actual areas in the ocean called "dead zones" because they are so toxic that nothing can live there. These dead zones are growing in size and number at an alarming rate.

Time is no longer on our side...

Enter OET and our revolutionary organic environmental technology that eats toxins for breakfast.

Our purpose at Organic Environmental Technology is to provide government, industry and consumers worldwide with products made with this new technology as rapidly as possible so our planet can be revitalized before it' s too late. Ultimately we postulate revitalizing the ecosystem of every major lake, river and sea in the world with this technology. This powerful technology can detox farms and their soils that grow our food and eliminate their chemical dependencies. Clean the rains so they are no longer acidic. Clean the waters of our lakes, rivers and oceans so our environment is toxic-free and in balance and harmony. We have the technology to do NOW is the time to put this powerful life force to work and revitalize our planet!




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